HardDriveG.I. Computer Innovations have had great success in data recovery. More often than not, we see clients who have been convinced that we will not be able to retrieve their data and are very pleased when we do.

If you have managed to lose files, the trick is not to panic.

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Turn your PC/Device off, at the switch (do not shut down)
  2. Do not continue to use the PC/Device (trying to recover the data yourself may make it more difficult for us to)
  3. Contact G.I Computer Innovations

We have successfully been able to assist with the recovery of important day to day business information, photo’s (yes – from camera’s too), contact information and much more. Often leaving clients overwhelmed with amazement and relief.

G.I Computer Innovations use state of the art software and retrieval methods and it’s a safe bet that we can assist you with your lost information.

Nothing to lose? Click here to contact us about data recovery.