Database AdministrationYour database is the life-blood of your business. It is essential that it is both reliable and fast. G.I Computer Innovations provide expert database administration – anywhere in the Australia. Through remote access tools (such as RDP) we are able to perform the following services:

  • Regular “health checks” on your database to ensure it always runs quickly and reliably
  • Database optimisation to improve performance
  • SQL code development and debugging
  • Resolving database issues such as deadlocks and poor performance
  • Database replication: snapshot, transactional or merge.
  • Data cleansing and referential integrity.
  • Data migration and data conversion


  1. We have excellent references and would sign a strict confidentiality agreement before setting up remote access.
  2. Your data will be protected by the strongest security systems in commercial use. Contact us for more details.

So if you have a database application that you need supported, modified, extended or fixed… G.I Computer Innovations can help! Click here to contact us for more information.

Access Database to SQL Database

inventory database softwareThe conversion of Microsoft Access database to SQL database can be beneficial for businesses. Advantages of moving an existing database to SQL data base are:

  • Greater multi-usable capabilities
  • Significant speeds increase, providing a faster response time
  • Database has an increased capacity size