Without the proper anti-virus and anti-spyware software, the chances are your computer is already infected.

Computer Viruses are spread like the common cold, from computer to computer, through copied CD’s or DVD’s, floppy disks, or more commonly via the internet. If you’re infected you may not be aware at first, and you could be transmitting the virus to all your friends through emails, CD’s and DVD’s.

Some viruses can very quickly spread out over your system or even the whole network. They can modify system files, or delete your data. If your computer is infected you will most likely notice some instability in its operation, slowness or some other kind of unpredicted behaviour.

As part of our Virus and Spyware removal service we will scan your home computer or businesses network of computers for viruses and spyware eliminating the threat and installing software to prevent further attacks

Products and Services

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Kasperksy Anti Virus
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G.I Computer Innovations is an Authorised Re-Seller of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013. We recommend Kaspersky Anti-Virus because it works and would not use it ourselves if we did not believe in it. Kaspersky have worked on exposing, analysing and neutralizing IT threats for the past 12 years.

Due to its high level of professionalism and dedication, Kaspersky Lab has become a market leader in the development of antivirus protection. The company’s main product, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, regularly receives top awards in tests conducted by respected international research centres and IT publications.


Cloudmark Anti -Spam
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Cloudmark blocks spam, fraud, phishing, viruses and other forms of messaging attacks and abuse for ISPs, mobile operators, web hosters, and social networks.

  • Cloudmark Antispam products stop 90-96% of email that are spam or some other form of threat at the gateway, taking pressure off of the internal messaging infrastructure.
  • G.I Computer Innovations is an Authorised Re-Seller of the Cloudmark Anti-spam product.
  • In our qualified and professional opinion, there is no better product available on the market today.